Educare Centre

Our Centre Philosophy

Is whanau based where we reflect our cultural diversity, our heritage and our community

Our Programme

Is based on Te Whaariki, the Early Childhood National Curriculum.

We encourage children to learn through their:

  • Language
  • Cognitive
  • Social and
  • Physical Development

To achieve this we have dedicated, registered, qualified teachers and in training staff who will observe, assess and evaluate every child’s learning outcome in a warm safe environment where all children and adults explore, have fun and learn together.

Our focus on learning and planning is developed to encourage positive learning experiences for your child which is included in our daily routines.

Our focus on learning is based on practices from your child’s interest which incorporates the principals of Te Whaariki

Our programme planning is displayed for all parents to view and to question.

We encourage you as parents to ask our teachers on your child’s development in our centre, to look at your child’s portfolios, to read our newsletters, read our policies and help with reviewing them, to attend Parent/teacher interview evenings, come on excursions and attend functions at the centre.

Fee Costs

  • 25 free ECE hours is available at our centre for 3 & 4 Yr olds (20 free hours from Government, 5 free hours from our centre)
  • $8 per hour with a minimum of 6 hours per day (Management reserve the right to change fee rates)
  • 1 week’s fees in advance payable on enrolment (payment non-refundable)
  • Options for payment – cash, cheque or automatic bank payments,
  • WINZ subsidy forms available.
  • 5% discount for families with 2 or more children if fees are paid in full
  • Fees are charged for public holidays, when your child is sick, absent or on holiday
  • A letter must be given in writing to change your child’s hours or days of attendance, and to withdraw your child from our centre. This must be handed over allowing 2 weeks for the change to take effect


To set up an initial enrolment meeting, please contact us

Our Staff

We have 2 teachers with Bach ECE. 1 teacher with an Graduate Diploma. All teachers are fully registered. We use a regular reliever and personnel for cleaning duties.

Your role as parents

  • Sign in and sign out your child everyday that
    he/she attends, plus the monthly attendance register
  • Pay your fees as per your enrolment form
  • To inform staff if someone, other than who is allocated to collect your children on your enrolment form, is picking up your child
  • Supervise your child if you come to the centre earlier than your enrolled start time
  • Participate in all centre events, outings, and policy reviews, surveys, evaluations, parent and teacher interview evenings and to give positive feedback about happenings in the centre

Settling In

With an open door policy all parents and whanau are welcome to visit and stay, especially when your child is settling in.
All children are individuals and the time they need to settle is individual so talking to staff at this time is very important.


  • We ask that you supply your child with a healthy and nutritious lunch and provide an ovenware container if it needs heating
  • Morning and afternoon teas are provided, and can include fruit and raw vegetables, water, crackers and home cooking
  • Inform staff if your child has any food allergies dislikes, or cultural differences
  • Extra fruit is most welcome

Sleep Time

Your child has the opportunity of an early nap if you require it, the other children are expected to rest with a choice of quiet time activities in the main room.

ERO Report

is available on request

Visitors to the Centre

Must sign the visitors book and wait for assistance.

Health and Safety

With the risk of cross-contamination, we are unable to care for sick children, so if your child has a green runny nose, vomiting, tummy upset/diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, unidentifiable rash, you must keep your child at home more so with COVID present.

By observing these simple guidelines we can maintain a safe and healthy learning environment. It is very important to inform staff of any medical conditions or allergies that your child may have.

No Smoking

Our centre is smoke-free therefore smoking is not permitted anywhere in the centre including the outdoors area.

Sun Protection

Hats and sunscreen protection will be provided by parents. The centre will have available sunscreen protection as recommended by the Cancer Society.

Medication Request Form

If your child needs medicine to be administered by staff, a Medical Request Form must be completed and signed. Medical Request book is alongside the sign in form. All medicines and inhalers are to be clearly labelled and given to a senior staff member.


We currently have vacancies for children over 2 years old

Contact Details

Onepoto Awhina
Community Educare Centre
Pearn Crescent NORTHCOTE (behind Woolworth’s Carpark)
Click here for a Google Map showing where we are

Licensed Early Childcare Centre (for 37 children over 2)

We are open Monday to Friday 7:30am – 6pm, except the Christmas period.
You can phone us on: 09 419 8226
or email us at: